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Welcome to the world of Amateur radio here at ZL3RC or prior to 2014 as ZL3THQ.
I was first licensed way back in 1970 and since then I have enjoyed to world of radio mainly above 50Mhz.

Back in my early days it was all AM and FM with output powers in the 100w region with things like 829B's and QQV06/40's in the final stage all running well beyond the design spec.

Then came the start of SSB which for me was an Otago Branch Project phasing exciter on 14Mhz with a home brew transverter up to 2m with the old AM/FM transmitters given a new leas of life as a linear amp with all of 130w PEP output, theses were the days.

The station progressed and I moved on to an FT-200 then a FT-101 and a group of matching transverters. FTV-650 on 6m and a highly modified FTV-250 on 2m. The lineup also included a one off FTV-750 on 70cm. You won't find any data on a FTV-750 as it was a home brew transverter built into a Yaesu speaker cabinet. Looked just like the the real thing with matching meter and knobs.

Around this time I also added an FR-101 as OSCAR 6 (Amateur Low Earth Orbit satellite) had been lunched and a separate receiver was essential to operate through this and the later satellites.

OSCAR 6 and 7 were a blast and then came the magnificent OSCAR 10 where I remember making some fantastic contacts into Eastern Europe, Asia and north America.

This is a view of my shack back in the FT-101 and FR-101 days. This shack was in the garden of my parents home in Christchurch but moved inside when I returned to Christchurch after a short spell working in Wellington. The right-hand picture is of my Mode B OSCAR antennas mounted up on the roof.

After a long absents from amateur radio to build a house get married and start a family I returned to ham radio around 2012 to take part in the NZ VHF/UHF Field-day contest.

That rekindled my interest and before long I was back building antenna and equipment to setup a station. Our move out into the country was not only to get some space around us but was also to get away from the noisy urban area and give me the room to put up some descent antenna. 

I have always been a keen constructor and with the return to the hobby I'm still finding as much fun in getting something new going or repairing something that has fail as I did way back when I first started in this fantastic hobby.

I probably spend way to much time in my hobby but even so time is limited with keeping the home and garden under control.

This is an aerial view of my QTH with a view of the present operating position to the right.

The station is continually changing and developing with the latest addition of microwave equipment and the early stages of a growing interest in microwave EME.

At the time this picture was taken the station consists of 2 x FT-847 and a FT-991 and VR-5000 scanner along with an old FT-701 as a repeater monitor.

Down under the desk you can see the 23cm transverter and a collection of LDMOS amps from 6m through 23cm. Have a look at the LDMOS Amps menu to see more detail on these.

 Thanks for droping by and if you would like to get in contact please use the Contact form here. 73 Roger