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ZL3RC to VE7DAY on 6m

It was the last day of 2014 and 6m had been open to central America but I wasn't hearing anything from the US east coast at all.

I came back to the radio and could hear some CW on 50.099. I didn't quite catch who it was so sent out a quick cq and as you can see from the decode I got from FLDIGI, I use this as my CW helper as its not my preferred mode, it was John VE7DAY at a good S4-5. I replied with a 54N and couldn't believe I had just worked VE7. Then on ON4KST chat John suggested we try SSB which we did and made an easy S5 contact. Below is a brief recording I made of John's signal after he had work Paul ZL4PW and his signal had gone down a bit but still good copy.

In the end I believe John worked three stations ZL2OK, ZL4PW and myself.

 ZL3RC into the NE USA on 6m

It was boxing day 2015 down here in ZL and we were having the traditional family lunch. I retreated to the radio and what a pileup on .110 after I called CQ. I moved up to .120 and for the next 30mins or so worked a number of stations up in the north east corner of the US. Not strong but enough signal to work SSB. Below is a recording of the last bit of the opening. Signals were very study but at times my RX was getting clobbered by a 1kw station about 5Km away and only 20kc up the band. You can hear that in the early part of the recording.

This opening was written up in QST and the propagation suggested there was a combination of E's and F with possible a bit of TEP. I guess it docent matter that much and I was just delighted to be part of the fun and it was a real demonstration of just how magic 6m can be.

Thanks to all the guys that were up at that time of the night and sorry to all those I missed. I only hope I'm here the next time the band opens up to that area. 

This is the recorded I made wort's and all and it starts about 5-10 minutes after I called CQ.