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The Tower

This is the tower in its original location. The 6 over 6 Skeleton Slot antenna at the top of the picture to the left is at about 17m.

This tower was dismantled and relocated out to my QTH where it is still sitting waiting to be re-erected. The base that was poured to take this tower has been adapted to take a smaller tower I have on loan till the main tower is installed.

A number of these towers were constructed by local hams around Christchurch to the same design and have survived well. It is constructed from 25mm square section with 12mm bar with the base consisting of four 100mm 6 meter long supports.

I have several modifications which I intend to apply to the tower manly to improve the stability in high winds with large antenna installed. A centre brace at the pivot point, 6m up the tower, to assist in the tower loading when its lowered.

This is the team unloading the tower when it arrived at home. The base was sand blasted and sprayed off site but the main tower is still waiting for its new paint job and mods, maybe this summer.

Once the tower arrived the work started on the base. With the aid of a small digger I dug the foundation and mounted the reinforcing with the hold down bolts, 25mm high tensile 1m long attached. Then of course you need lots of that expensive grey stuff to full the hole, job done.

You can see the newly sand blasted and painted base in the background of the right-hand picture below.

The second picture looking down the hole shows the typical soil consistency here on the Canterbury plains. Small amount of black top soils, then a belt of sand which turns into stones which just get bigger as you get deeper!

Tower Base.

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The picture below is the loaned tower at 12m with my 6m 6 Element DK7ZB beam. This now has a 14 element G4CQM 2m beam on top at about the 15.5m mark.

As the tower is some 30m from the shack I'm using LDF5-50 as a feeder on 2m and LDF4-50 on 6m.